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An Art Deco Pottery Vase
A Red Lacquer Box
A Large Wooden Vessel
A 1950s Magazine Rack
Cello Wood Relief
Pair of Robert Piguet Candlesticks
Knotted Candlestick
Lustre Pottery Vase
Japanese Pipe Case
Gerbino Pottery Egg
Catherine Noll Necklace
MMF Wool Piece
Silver-plated Box
Abstract Painting
A Slab-Built Pot
An Abstract Painting
A Nude Drawing
A Decorative Grille
A Bull Painting
A Laquered Box
A Large Abstract Painting
A Saltillo Serape
A Cork Ice Bucket
A Wool Wall Hanging
A Black Lustre Hands Vase
An Art Nouveau Gate
An Ink Drawing Representing a Horse Stampede
An Art Deco Umbrella StandSold
An Exotic Garden PaintingSold
Brass Umbrella StandSold
Silver-plated Pear Ice CoolerSold
Waste-paper BasketSold
Suede Magazine RackSold
Miró-style Pottery PlatterSold
Bronze Gourd BottleSold
Silver-plated TraySold
Small Terracotta Vase Sold
Small Abstract Collage by Guy BigotSold
Bitossi Pottery DishSold
Turquoise Glass VaseSold
Black Fish JugSold
Framed Etching by Michel MathonnatSold
Parquetry Matchstick BoxSold
Playing Card BoxSold
Leather Waste-paper BasketSold
Lino Sabattini Silver-plated DishSold
Perforated Metal TraySold
Audoux-Minet Magazine HolderSold
Grecian Terracotta PotSold
Pair of Silver-plated VasesSold
Two Papier-mache TraysSold
Tall Ridged Pottery VaseSold
Tree Trunk PlinthSold
An Alabaster UrnSold
Japanese Ikebana VaseSold
Bronze CandlestickSold
A Sainte-Radegonde VaseSold
A Cubist EtchingSold
A Jagged-edge BowlSold
A Brass Umbrella StandSold
A Scagliola VaseSold
A Primavera ChargerSold
Pistol TraySold
A Pair of FiredogsSold
Apollo Plaster HeadSold
A Henri Matisse LithographSold
Two Edmund de Waal JarsSold
A Large Studio Pottery VaseSold
A Hand-Carved Wooden DishSold
A Stitched Leather Magazine RackSold
An Abstract Etching by Edouard PignonSold
A Leather Waste Paper BinSold
An Unusual Terracotta JugSold
A Group of Glass VasesSold
A Pair of Buckle FiredogsSold
A Pair of Shell DishesSold
A Lip ArtworkSold
A Jacques Adnet BoxSold
A Magazine HolderSold
A Leather Umbrella HolderSold
A Bubble Glass VaseSold
A Rope Coat HookSold
A Blue Enamel TraySold
An Alabaster SculptureSold
A 1940s Jazz PaintingSold
A Metal AntelopeSold
A Rope Magazine RackSold
A Framed Minotaur PrintSold
A Large Fluted VaseSold
A Nkisi FigureSold
A Crab PaintingSold
A Travertine PlinthSold
An Umbrella HolderSold
A Cubist Still LifeSold
A Leather Waste Paper BasketSold
A Carved Wood BoxSold
A Framed Still LifeSold
A Silver-plated Leaf BowlSold
A 1930s Pottery DishSold
An African MaskSold
An Art Deco Green Pottery VaseSold
A Decorative Plaster ShellSold
A Large Green Pottery BowlSold
An African Wall HangingSold
A Glass VaseSold
A Pair of Lacquered BoxesSold
A Perforated TraySold
A Square Wood & Nickel BoxSold
A Silk EmbroiderySold
A Framed BookplateSold
A Caviar BowlSold
A Metal TraySold
A Framed LetterSold
An Incense BurnerSold
A Palmwood TraySold
A Marble BoxSold
A Group of Ancient HeadsSold
A Fluted Glass VaseSold
A Terracotta VaseSold
A Decorative ClawSold
A Japanese Silk Screen PaintingSold
A Bronze BoxSold
A Wenge BoxSold
A Perforated Metal TraySold
A Ceramic BowlSold
A Large Brass PotSold
An Ice BucketSold
A Terracotta UrnSold
An Umbrella Holder with CaningSold
A Terracotta BustSold
A Pair of Scrolled FiredogsSold
A Terracotta Head VaseSold
An Oil Painting of a Faun & a NymphSold
A Pair of Bull-inspired FiredogsSold
A Large Wooden BowlSold
A Pair of Bronze CandelabrasSold
An Elephant VaseSold
A Solid Ebony MaskSold
A Glass Eagle DishSold
An Apple Ice BucketSold
A Blue Pottery BowlSold
A Wooden CandelabraSold
A Perforated Metal TraySold
A Serpentine HawkSold
A Wicker Bull HeadSold
A Brass Umbrella StandSold
A Perforated Metal Waste Paper BinSold
A View of The Thames PaintingSold
A Set of Dinanderie VasesSold
A Bronze Vide-pocheSold
A Tall Blue VaseSold
A Pair Of FiredogsSold
An African PotSold
A Jean Cocteau EtchingSold
A Studio Pottery PlateSold
A Wooden CrocodileSold
A Large Sun ShieldSold
A Modernist Fire SetSold
A Terracotta Head of a ManSold
A Wooden LionessSold
A Modernist Horse Head VaseSold
An Abstract PaintingSold
A Pair of FiredogsSold
An Alabaster ChargerSold
An Unusual Marble VaseSold
A Pair of FiredogsSold
A Silver-plated Ice BucketSold
A Geometric Wool Wall HangingSold
A Studio Pottery BowlSold
A Pair Of Abstract PaintingsSold
A Wooden ValetSold
A Pair of Large UrnsSold
A Chinese-style VaseSold
A Japanese Tea CaddySold
A Large Interior Scene PaintingSold
A Wide Blue VaseSold
Two Hammered Iron Candle Holders Sold
An Orange Bottle Sold
A Seahorse Bas-ReliefSold
An Embossed Umbrella HolderSold
A Wooden Sculpture of GaneshaSold
Two Glass VasesSold
A Leather Waste Paper Bin Sold
A White Ceramic BowlSold
A Modernist Tea CaddySold
A Metal Umbrella Stand Sold
A Green Glass DishSold
A Brass Palm Tree SculptureSold
A Wool Tapestry After Henri RousseauSold
A Rectangular Wooden BoxSold
A Valet Clothes HolderSold
A Set of 9x Framed PrintsSold
A Trio of Turned Wood PotsSold
A Freeform Glass VaseSold
A Green Abstract Oil PaintingSold
A Quince Ice BucketSold
An Oak & Pottery BoxSold
A Pair of GrillsSold
A Chalk Drawing of a LeopardSold
A Silver-plated Ice BucketSold
A Modernist Four-Arm CandleholderSold
An Abstract Oil on Canvas by Gustav BolinSold
A Brass Sunburst PlaqueSold
A pair of FiredogsSold
A Near-Abstract Landscape PaintingSold
A Plaster Cast of MercurySold
A Provencal Landscape by Daphne FedarbSold
A Plaster Urn Sold
A Brass PotSold
A Floor-standing Iron CandleholderSold
A Large Pottery JugSold
An Apple Ice BucketSold
A Cubist Still LifeSold
A Pair of Art Nouveau BowlsSold
A pair of FiredogsSold
A Table NutcrackerSold
A Carved Wood Panel Sold
A Valet Clothes HolderSold
A Gunnar Nylund BowlSold
A Bronze Sculpture of A Horse Sold
A Print after Georges BraqueSold
A 1950s Still LifeSold
A Gilt Iron Umbrella HolderSold
A Chinese Lacquer BoxSold
An Abstract Gouache PaintingSold
An Umbrella HolderSold
A Black Pottery JugSold
A White VaseSold
A Black Pottery JugSold
A Carved Wood SeahorseSold
A Pair of Buckle FiredogsSold
A Fish Mosaic Wall HangingSold
A Leather Bottle CarrierSold
A Crystal BowlSold
A Brass PearSold
An Atomic Coat StandSold
A Tan Leather Folding ScreenSold
A Zoomorphic Pottery DishSold
A Black Metal Hat StandSold
A Pottery JugSold
A Gilt Iron Room SeparatorSold
A Pair of FiredogsSold
A Large Pottery UrnSold
A 1950s Magazine HolderSold
A Pair of Egyptian Wall HangingsSold
A Pair of Modernist CandleholdersSold
A Reproduction of a Marie Laurencin PaintingSold
A Large Bowl by Jean MaraisSold
A Group of 6 Glazed Pottery VasesSold
A Group of 5 Glazed Pottery VasesSold
A Brass Umbrella HolderSold
A Pair of FiredogsSold
A Pair of Vallauris CandleholdersSold
A White Ceramic VaseSold
A Black Ceramic VaseSold
A Pottery HandSold
A 1950s Valet Clothes StandSold
An Iron Lobster Wall DecorationSold
An Art Deco Plaster Head of a LionessSold
A Pair of 1940s Ceramic CandlesticksSold
A Pair of 1940s FiredogsSold
A 1940s Studio Glass VaseSold
A Collection of Wooden BottlesSold
A Still Life by Daphne FedarbSold
A Pair of FiredogsSold
An Unusual Magazine HolderSold
A Cast Iron JardiniereSold
A Constance Spry Vase for the Fulham PotterySold
A Large Armillary SphereSold
A Pair of Chinese PotsSold
A Freeform VaseSold
An Abstract Painting by Mira BrtkaSold
A 1940s GrilleSold
A Coco de Mer PodSold
A Large Painting Representing BirdsSold
A Still Life by Reginald MurraySold
A Collection of Pink Corals & ShellsSold
Four Abstract Compositions by Jean Gorin (Screenprints)Sold
An Art Deco Vase by Keith MurraySold
An Abstract Painting by Eric DobsonSold
An Oil Painting by Paul RavaisouSold
An Art Deco Bowl by Just AndersenSold
A Travel Poster from 1955Sold
A Freeform Ceramic DishSold
A Collection of Coloured Glass VasesSold
An Umbrella HolderSold
A 1960s Ceramic Wall PlaqueSold
A Wooden Sculpture of a Sail BoatSold
A Large Fulham Pottery VaseSold
An Imposing Art Deco BowlSold
A 1950s Wall HangingSold
A Cubist-inspired Painting (1960)Sold
A Fish-shaped Glass VaseSold
An Early 20th Century Kilim CarpetSold
A Pair of 1940s Ceramic CandleholdersSold
A Pair of Hand-painted Chinese PanelsSold
Two Grey Fulham Pottery VasesSold
A Sculpture of a Ship by Curtis JereSold
A 1940s Still Life with Bottle of ChampagneSold
An Early 20th Century Kilim RunnerSold
A French 1950s Coat StandSold